Omicron Psi takes into consideration the many hats that non-traditional students must wear. We know of no larger responsibility to the community than that of raising healthy, happy and productive children. Activities with church and/or family not only are recognized by Omicron-Psi, but also are promoted and encouraged.


Please use current GPA’s when considering potential members. We recognize that a GPA from 10-20 years ago does not reflect the student who is currently enrolled.


If your school has incorporated an alternate grading system, we leave it to your chapter advisors discretion to decide which students fall within our criteria.


Graduate schools are eligible to become chapters and hold membership drives. All membership requirements remain the same as the Omicron-Psi Gold Program.


The dues for either the Omicron Psi Gold Program or the Omicron Psi Silver Program are $55.00. Each program has a one-time fee only, there are no further dues beyond Omicron Psi Gold and Gold members retain membership for life. Membership dues will be used for scholarships within their respective programs.

**Because the National Omicron Psi Honor Society is committed to the continual education for non-traditional students, we will be donating $5 per membership back to their respective school’s non-traditional student department.


Omicron Psi does not set limits on the number of students who may apply for membership. We feel that if one is qualified he/she may participate in the process of becoming a member. Because larger Universities may have a large number of students, we recommend that each student request the signature of their advisor in the upper right hand corner of the membership application. On Line Membership makes the process quite simple and is strongly recommended. This should eliminate the lengthy process of a membership committee reviewing each application.


If there is an exceptional student who falls short of the criteria because of circumstances, which could not be prevented, their name may be submitted for membership, along with an explanation, and will be reviewed on an individual basis by our office. Your school will be contacted regarding membership decisions. Membership dues must accompany application.