About Omicron-Psi

The National Omicron-Psi Honor Society’s mission is as follows:

  1. To recognize achievements of non-traditional students throughout the United States.
  2. To award these students with a certificate of achievement and insignia pin.
  3. To encourage the continuation of educational pursuits.
  4. To supply scholarship applications to members and to encourage participation in our scholarship program.
  5. To provide scholarships from monies received through membership dues.
  6. To be of service to our members and provide referrals and references upon request.
  7. To have members commit to a life of honor, integrity and service in the home, community and workplace as well as duty to Country.

To meet this mission, Omicron-Psi will promote its services to Colleges and Universities to become active participation Chapters and hold membership drives. Omicron-Psi will provide to each Chapter certificates and insignia pins, membership applications and scholarship applications. We will encourage continued education of members by using a portion of membership dues toward scholarships and awards.

The National Omicron-Psi Honor Society will remain operating throughout the calendar year giving references to graduate school admission boards and prospective employers as requested.